Mazda RX-7 Blueprint request

Hey guys,

Can someone give me the blueprints of a Mazda RX-7 all sides seperatly that is ready to be model.

I realy need these sides,
  • Top
  • Front
  • Side
  • Back
Be sure it's modelling ready, thanks.
Sorry for my bad English. ;)


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Are you a troll? What's wrong with the ones that we have in the blueprints archive? Sorry, you'll have to do the cropping by yourself. We're not babysitters here... :rolleyes:


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You don't necessarily need to crop the image for Blender. I'm working with Blender, and I'm usually using full 4-view drawings for all the different angles. You'll just need to adjust the background image placement for each separate view.

If you need the image cropped, and don't have Photoshop, you can download Gimp for that. It's a free software just like Blender. There are also plenty of tutorials in the web… If you are seriously considering to become a modeler, you'll need some kind of picture editing software for your work.
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Well, I'm not a beginner. Let's say Intermediate-Professional. I told that to get the work done quickly. Though I know how to model and use Photoshop I don't know how to crop pictures properly. If some one cant do it atleast tell me how to. Don't give me links to videos 'cause my connection sucks!