MAZDA 787b Sports Prototype - 1991 Le Mans 24h Winner - WIP

Hadn't checked in awhile on this one. Great to see the progress! Any new shots??
Unfortunately I work on this "project" in my spare time and as you easily understand I don't have a lot of spare time.

The project is not dead (I'm slowly improving the body at the moment), I just take my time. Have patience.
Hi everyone, after "only" 6 years I'm back to (hopefully) finish my model.

Warning: don't hold your breath to wait the end of this project. I'm here with my best purpose but I cannot guarantee I will take everything to an end in a short period of time.

I decided to approach this project with a more sensible workflow, without jumping from modeling to materials to texture and back. I'll do all the modelling and when I will be satisfied of the results I'll move to the next step.

I've divided the model in 4 main parts:
1) engine: it needs some rework on the older parts and many parts are still missing
2) cockpit: I'll improve it redoing the cell and adding the roll bars and other stuff missing
3) front chassis: it's totally missing at the moment so I'll do it from scratch
4) body: I've redone the texture to improve resolution. Regarding the body itself, I've to make up my mind on what to do because it's already quite good but some parts are not totally accurate, so I don't know if it's enough to improve them or it's better to redo the whole body.
5*) rotary engine internals: it's a bonus part maybe I'll do it or maybe not.

I'm going to complete the parts following the same order.

Meanwhile I moved all the project to Blender 2.8.

So staring from part 1, the engine, I've highlighted the parts that need some work (red means a complete remake needed, yellow just an improvement). Note that many part are still missing and they will be added later.

0_todo1.jpg 0_todo2.jpg 0_todo3.jpg 0_todo4.jpg 0_todo5.jpg

Here some parts that I've redone:

0_transmission.jpg 0_support.jpg 0_set.jpg 0_suspension.jpg

The back brakes air intake has been quite tricky to model mainly because I had some difficulties to figure out the actual shape of the plastics


I've also updated the dampers (bottom part not finished yet)

I've redone the engine starter. The old one was not accurate and made of different pieces. The new one is a single piece model and it has been quite a nightmare to make. Note: I haven't use object fusion functions to put all the piece toghether because the final mesh was a mess.

Old vs new:

other images:
Starter_02.jpg Starter_03.jpg Starter_04.jpg
I've been worked on transmission for few days because of the lack of clear reference images of this part and I ended up making many and many changes and guessing many parts. It has been a bit frustrating :confused:

Now I'm gonna work on the second part and then on the third and last part.

transmission_01.jpg transmission_02.jpg transmission_03.jpg transmission_04.jpg
I've finished the second part of the transmission. As I said before is not 100% accurate because I don't have enough images and to make it more difficult, left and right side are asymmetric.

transmission_05.jpg transmission_06.jpg

Old vs New

transmission_08.jpg transmission_09.jpg transmission_10.jpg

For the last part I'll do the best that I can. Unfortunately the left side is quite different from the right size and I haven't reference image of the left size.

Some news: I've highlighted the new parts in green and the parts that need improvements in red.

engine_2.jpg engine_3.jpg engine_4.jpg engine_5.jpg engine_6.jpg engine_7.jpg engine_8.jpg engine_9.jpg engine_10.jpg engine_11.jpg

Working on old parts I've ended up redoing everything from scratch because it's faster and provides better results.

It's gonna be a long way but I hold on.
Amazing work mate! keep it up. one of my favorite cars of all time. i know it's a bitch getting reference. when i was making my 2JZ, i had to go to ebay and search for parts to get closeup photos. but for a racecar its not easy.