Maserati Ghibli (2013)


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These are the first pictures of the brand new Maserati Ghibli, E premium segment.
Unlike the first serie, this is a 4 doors sedan instead of coupè.
V6 biturbo 3.000 cc, 330 hp and 410 (or 420)hp it depends from the version. For the first time in Maserati history there will be a diesel engine too, 270 hp, 3.000 cc.
The petrol engine will be produced by Ferrari. Frankly, Ferrari has engineered , designed and projected the whole mechanic, engine included, so, basically it's just a Ferrari dressed with Maserati carbody and interior.
The transnmission is RWD or AWD depending from the client's choice, the gearbox is a double clutch automatic unit with paddle shifters, as usual for premium cars lately.
Price should start from 70.000£ even if probabilly a medium equipped one will be over 90.000 £.
This is an outstanding car in my opinion, and i think it will challenge with the best of german cars , Lexus , Infinity and Jaguar even if i honestly think the class and the legend of Maserati brand is unreacheable by these opponents.
I personally love it. Enjoy :)

Fiat Group finally understood that Italy hasn't the capacity to build a huge number of vehicles, it's not in our DNA, so, better to produce less cars but expensive, just like this one and the next Alfa Romeo generation starting from the 4C, finally a RWD true Alfa (the 8C has been a very limited edition).
This Ghibli platform is the same of the new Quattroporte, but shorter, and it will be used too by the new top class Alfa Romeo named Alfetta or 169 .
Fiat is doing a good job producing a little cool car as the 500 and its further developments as well as the 500 L, 500 XL and so on. Little but expensive, trendy , cool line and technologically at the best for its segment.
The wrong thing has been to leave the legendary and glorious Lancia brand to its sad destiny,i mean, currently Lancia is a re-badged Chrysler and this is frankly unbearable.
I say, why to do not produce a brand new Delta Integrale and Lancia Stratos? For the second one Fiat Group would have all the mechanics components done already, i mean, all what they should do is to pick upp the 458 Italia mechanic and give it a Stratos carbody (Stroshek bases its Startos on the old F430). About the Delta, the thing is more complicated since we have lost the AWD technology since 90s, so it needs investments and time to update it to the current times. But Ferrari and its hi end tech department could fix it quite fastly. After all Lancia and Ferrari have always collaborated , since the 50s when Enzo Ferrari personally prayed Dr.Ing. Lancia to study one of its legendary models. In fact, at that time, Lancia put on the market the very first V6 engine ever for a production car (one of the several Lancia innovative ideas), just like Fiat Powertrain invented the Common Rail system sold then for a very cheap price to Bosch. This system brought so many advantages as Volkswagen Group even decided to leave its pump-injector system switching to the Common Rail. Now every manufacturer uses the Common Rail and Fiat, selling it, lost the chance to have the monopoly. Speaking only about the latest times, Fiat engineered lot of other things like for example the Twin Air technology (copied by Ford and Volkswagen in a sort of industrial spy-story).

Written by Kangal