Making of Pagani Huayra


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I've found this Maya tutorial about the making of the Huayra.
I've not understood if i should post just my own tutorials (i mean done by me) or it's possible to link tutorials done by the others like this. I'm a beginner still so i'm not able at all to create any tutorial of course, and anyway this is for polymodeling (and i work with NURBS Anyway, maybe someone could find this link useful.

3D Tutorials Blog: Making of Pagani Huayra


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@ Ravenzap
Yes mate, u're right, i've noticed it too, but since i don't know Maya i thought ''maybe some tool will modify it someway in the next steps''. Anyway frankly it doesn't seem so good to say the truth but i'd use it to learn some basis, no need to do a masterpiece at this stage.

@ Oscar
Yep , that's exactly what i meant ;)