Maintenance Break

In few hours SMC will be down for awhile. Be patient, it might take few hours and make sure you'll come back. There are going to be some improvements when we are back online ;)
Good good :) All thanks to Miner who has made the skin and Palat who gave permission to use his Beetle on the top picture. There are still some changes coming, skin was one of the improvements that SMC is going to have :)


New Member
I like this new theme, it rocks. And, new smilies would be nice, just add them fast :D

EDIT: And it would be cool if you could repair "jump to first unread" button ;)
The black theme looks good. However, there are few things that don't really fit in...

- "My signature" stuff sux... IMO :/ Regular "_________________________" was good enough
- Smilies should be improved
- Header, maybe, could be better, with different view of VW Bug
- Stars for show online/offline ... blah :)

I think it'll be hard to forget previous site... Well, if you don't have the same opinion as I do, you can ignore me :)
Default vBulletin skin was very dull, that was the main reason we wanted to have new skin. It's way better now and of course everyone cannot agree on that. :)
HEY!!!!! This new layout is AWSOME, it gives a great feeling to me!!!! I was thinking on an idea, what would be if the head picture would change after every Contest and the winners model could be seen there.
Or is it a stupid idea?

Best regards to the staff!!!