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This has gotten way to big and serious guys. I don't really understand who is blaming who for what, but please, give eachother some space and please do not try to harm others. If somebody is trying to harm eachother real life, stop it, we all fought hard for where we are now.

I hope we all get on soon and live a good life.
^that post doesn't add anything to this thread, yet again you're flaming here. I ask you to stop it and if you don't have anything reasonable to add stay in the background.


please lets not make this a warzone, no need to start accusing other people too
Bleh.. what's up with all this drama? I'm a long-time member, but this stuff is unheard-of. I somewhat started 'wtf-ing' during the Bentley speculations, but this is on a whole new level.

Well, exidge != raduteo. Unless one takes the efford to smurf whole websites, cg-talk portfolios and whatnot. I highly doubt that.
As pointed out earlier, ORBS 722 != raduteos 722 - so i'm missing the main argument. This is just gibberish, blaming, hatred and troll-wars.

Anyhow real-life threat is a no-go. Get a life! Somebody's butthurt much?

Jeez, ... i'd never imagine that such a presumeably pieceful topic as 'cgi' could cause so much trouble! oO
Edit by tom120934 : Not all the words from your post wasn't eligible for deletion but I have no time to sort that. Please re read my posts to understand.


Raduteo, I edit your post not because you're right or wrong, but because this discussion can't continue here. I hope you'll understand. The SMCars team has no opinion on anyone, we just want to serve and this thread isn't useful to the community.

Karybda, I also edited your post for the same reason.

Luis, I also edited your post for the same reason.

I also edited a previous post of Raduteo because a company name was mentioned. Useless information here, and as it may be harmful, I remove it. The SMCars team do respect the privacy of real life.

EDIT : I gave my reason for editing the others posts I edited.
I read the last words before they got deleted, ... c'mon. If things are actually that serious, this is clearly the wrong place for discussion (in other words, get a lawyer).

Unleash the peace-maker!
My personal peace-maker, aka the TOPIC LOCKED gun, is loaded and ready to fire. Last warning, everyone.
This would be the best!

BTW. If you delete some posts here you should also delete the first posts of exidge in this thread!

EDIT BY tom120934 : Removed the flaming part of this comment.


OK last warning is expired. This topic is now locked.

To be clear :

@raduteo : your last post was completely irrelevant to a public discussion. You should buy an e-mail adress. I tried to remove some parts of your comment, trying to make it gentle without removing the meaning of your words. I didn't succeed. So I fully removed it .

@Karybda : what you call a fact may be an opinion for other people. And I will not delete posts made before I warned everyone. I don't deal with situations this way. When I do edit posts, I do it in a very visible way, in red and explaining why I do so.
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