ls1 280z

Briex : Thank you

patient1: Thank you. I planned on making two versions. the ls1 version and another one the uses a le mans prototype engine. Ill post pics of that soon as well.

nosalis : Thank you. I will keep this thread updated.

small update. I was kinda having a hard time deciding to either use a super charger or turbo setup. the turbo setups are just so beautiful so i decided to make a turbo ls1 instead.

Thanks for the kind words Prykie!

Hey hey

Sorry for not updating the ls1 for a while. I sort of had a creative block and didnt know what to do with it. I have made some nice updates on it tho. I finally figured out the intake and turbo setup. I planned on adding super charger at the top but the engine was just gonna be too tall. Its already huge as it is. Super huge intake and super deep oil pan :)

I have to model a few more things tonight to model and its off to render :)








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I think to put 2 turbochargers on this GEN III V-8 small block is technically very hard, u need to change the whole heads to avoid the pistons take a fly. Pistons too have to be changed of course, because their head must be concave to avoid overpressure . And rods , and crank. U also need an oversized cooling system . Probabilly it would be better a classical Roots external compressor, very suitable for these USA engines full of torque at low ranges.
Anyway, outstanding work yours, it's amazing your precision and attention for details, i just adore the skills u show here :)
korbljud : thank you for the compliment :) I really appreciate it! Cheers!

Kangal : I agree. Twin turbo setups are a pain in the a**. Lots of custom fabrication and theres always a chance the engine will blow. I was going to add a super charger on top but I decided to go with 8 carbs instead. Really appreciate your input and thank you for the compliment :)

Jomar Machado : Thank you Sir :) Glad you like so far.

Steve Dussemberg : Thank you Steve. Theres still much more details to go :)

The ls is done. Im moving on to the body and will work on suspension next.

Made some renders in keyshot too :)




Just as a note. I did not model the transmission. The transmission was obtained thru Chrysler corp. a few years back.


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God, it's outstanding.
I love the 8 carbs decision too. Maybe u might do the turbos exhaust pipes in titanium? I mean the titanium who go through the whole colours spectrum when warmed :)