Lowpoly Car Contest - Jaguar XJ220

wow ! man this is blender ?? so could you pleeease tell me you the f*ck you do smoothing groups in blender !? im also making a car for this contest (bmw jagermeister), and cant do the normal well ! thank you
Bumper3D: Thank you!

I'm using face select mode to select parts which are connected, split them (y-key). And if the parts join again, I'm using vertex selct (with the see-through option enabled - button to the right of the buttons which switch vertex-, edge- and face-selection modes) and merge the vertecies where necessary. I hope this helps, if not, toss me a pm, I'll make a few screenshots then.
No fear, these bodylines will come to life soon. I just didn't add highlights since that involves duplicating them, and I'm not shure if the placement will stay like it is now. So no highlights for now.

^ others model every screw, I draw them :p


More done. And the fuel cap is on the in every sense right side now.