Lowpoly Car Contest - Jaguar XJ220

It's looking great! But for a 5k limit, I think you've overdone the amount of polies.. 8o
Though it seems to be just 2266, I don't think it can stay close to that :p
Great choice of car, though!
°lol° yes, you guys do have a point and I don't know if I can bring it all down with 5000 polys, I'm trying my best anyway.

thanks for the replys!

And as a wake-up exercise: loosing some polys and adding wheels:

3422 triangles used, 1578 to go.

Mirrors done. 3688 tris, 1312 to go.

Yes, this is Racer in all it's beauty.
Tracks are Fernstone by snowball918 and Speedest2 by some1.

The baking I am doing kind of works like a normal map. Only that I only use black and white as colours for negative and positive z direction. So where the normals point up, the map is white, and black where they point down. The rest is a matter of using blender's procedural texture baker.