lowpoly car contest: Ferrari F40

Hi guys

So I'm in with a Ferrari F40. Most ugly spots I know about, I modelled the car roughly and then started tweaking, and I'm not finished yet. The black line texture is temporary too, I wanted to know how it looked with that black line textured instead of modelled.

I think I'll use 1500-2000 polygons for all wheels, 500 for interior and engine, and the remaining 2500-3000 for the exterior.


sweet choice of a car, never liked the replacement F50 to this beauty. i'd go lower on the wheels to help smooth out more of the body though and you are gonna need a few for that masssive engine. :)
not really much news, except for my computer acting weird, especially when I'm (trying to) work in zmodeler2.
But anyway some screenies of my work from the last 3 days, where I tried how opacity maps worked (for the lights and sidewall). Haven't really put much effort in those textures yet, that's why they don't look very good now.



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nice one :)

but looking onto the interrior images.. be sure to count the polygons as triangles...not the n-gons :)

it`s quite common mistake.. but I`m not saying that this is your case :)