Lowpoly Car Contest - Ferrari Enzo

Wow, looks pretty darn good, im no expert on lowpoly but it seems pretty efficient... Oh btw, there is some bump up were the windows meet the roof...


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be sure to count triangles not polygons (in MAX7 you have to convert it to Editable Mesh) .. in MAX8 you can choose from which you want to count :)

but looking good :) looking foward to see the progress
nosalis: ya i know, but ya thats the tri count. thanks, ill be updating to night.
well i was wondering since the rear wheel is larger would i tuck that into
the fender like i did, or raise the front wheels..

thanks for the comments
anyone got refs on the lights? :grin:
because there 800 tris a wheel... :p
so i was going to project then on to my solid
rims with normal maps. :twisted:

thanks for the comment

as for material, when i update tonight ill make
a matted render. ;)
thanks, i wanted to model some type of interior but i guess not :|
the back still needs work, the under spoiler/diffuser. if i get get it all down to
around 4000, do you think 1000 tris should do justice for some type of interior?
You can cut about 500 (I recon :p ) on the wheels... Your tires are a bit too round, so just something simple like this would suffice ;)
And then you got like 800 to spend on the interior, should be two times more than enough :p

I like the wire btw 8) But perhaps cut some on the back, if you really need some polies :)