Lowpoly Car Contest: '76 Olds Cutlass Supreme: got converted to MBWR!

Re: Lowpoly Car Contest: '76 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme

NightEye said:
@SSJ3: Press the square in the lefttop of the UserView (or 3D, whatever you use), Settings -> Textures -> Smooth Textures. Could be your problem ;)
Actually the pic I took was with smooth textures on :p

See I've done it that way once, just modeling the bodylines and then putting them on a small texture like that, but it din't turn out that good. Maybe I was doing it wrong :p

Oh yeah I dunno if I've said anything but the car looks really nice :)
MK2 converted it to MBWR, and it's released now. I thought i'd post a link here too.

Thanks to MK2 again. 

And also a pic showing comparison to my "blueprint" (since one guy at borggaming claimed that i stole the mesh). Well, as you can see it's a bit different. :p

Also maybe anyone can suggest a type of wheels to put on? I thought it would be better with luxury accent. 8) The ones it uses atm make it look like a performance car, which it isn't.
Well I personally wouldnt worry about whether its square or round because with the polys you put in this it could easily be a round car. You did a great job on keeping to the polycount yet you could have gone further cutting away and you didnt so in my book that cuts you a lot of slack if you had any to begin with ;)