Low poly car contest

NightEye said:
I'd suggest make this contest every few months, and add a 2k contest :)
My vote for that! I finally learned texturing in Zmodeler with this one so anothe contest like this would teach me for anything else. :mrgreen:
screwdriver said:
I'm officially out of this contest. Bye.
Please don't. No reason to do so ;)
It's allright with Kris (KvH)..

Anyway, XSI: People would just hand in their models in 3ds or obj with material names already done (chrome, paint, rubber, window, etc), then apply a chrome mat to all 'chromes', etc ;)
Wouldn't be too much work :) At least, not with LW :p
I'm in. Car is 90's Mercedes S-class. (If it's not a problem I made the mesh a while ago. I don't think it should be a problem, it only took me 2 days.)
could you please clarify the texture requirements and update the first post with them? i am confused if i get 1 1024x1024 to do the entire car, meaning i need to fit the wheels, interior, and exterior on the same (only one) 1024x1024 or multiple 1024x1024s.

i think there should be a limit to the total number of textures, but more than just one 1024x1024 for everything. like one 1024x1024 for the body, one 256x256 for the wheel, and one 256x256 for the interior. everyone should have the same limit otherwise people can just subdivide the car up into lotsa 1024's and won't be an even playing field so to say. as i see the entry threads it seems like people are using different amounts of textures.

should be a fun contest though :)
Somehow I thought old model meant T-Fords and cars like that (because they are so boxy, you aren't allowed to choose that car). Pretty stupid hehe.
Hmm, I'll withdraw then, and I might comeback with a '78 corvette, a ford galaxy, a pontiac gto or a lada niva.. (list continues...)
5000 k hmmmmmmm ill go for a hard car then :D LOL Audi RSQ concept O.O i donno if i can get it to 5000 but one advantage is the "wheels" are hidden :D
Lol why do you wanna change it? :)

It's ok to me. Only one model is allowed and doesn't matter if you change it. Might be that I have to change also :p