Low Poly Car Contest: Poll

Who has the best lowpoly car? You got three votes

  • FlashG - Volvo S40 1999

    Votes: 17 17.0%
  • NightEye - VW Käfer 1302

    Votes: 32 32.0%
  • kicksivocsok - Smart ForTwo Cabrio

    Votes: 6 6.0%
  • Tigga - Opel Ascona B

    Votes: 32 32.0%
  • revelli - Mattig VW Golf V

    Votes: 20 20.0%
  • Tonn - Jaguar XJ12 Series 3

    Votes: 41 41.0%
  • KVH- Design - Peugeot 205 GTI

    Votes: 9 9.0%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .
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Darn, i also only voted for 1 car too :(
Anyway Kvh, i think your model is pretty good... the thing is all models here are good :)
Anyway if anyone wants to see his car in Racer and doesn't know how to do it, i'll 'convert' it (free of charge! yay!) :p
KvH-DeSiGn said:
yep i used ms paint for the textures:) only the army version i made with some kind of sponge tool :p wich i found accidently

but i can't learn the other programs:) cause this is my first try for a decent unwrapped tex (all made in zmod and paint) (also the unwrapping methode is wierdly good effort for zmod 1 i think but hey i can't realy compete with the other models

so i suck:p
you can use gimp (http://gimp.org) for free. The graphic interface sucks but I heard it'll change with the next version. It loads faster than PS and you can make good textures with it. (you can stroke/brush/use layer effects/filter just like in Photoshop).

to stay on topic: Great work all of you!
Come on people you still got time to vote about three days! Only 67 of you have voted and we got over 30k registered users ;)

As everyone see it is getting exciting. 8)
Damn, I just noticed the poll, was too well hidden for me :roll: Great model all around, don't know who to vote?! Great job guys... are you going to do a render with the winning three?
Render with them all, in a V shaped figure perhaps? With the three tops at the front.. Would be really cool :D

Btw, if you can't decide who to vote.. you've got three votes, remember ;)
Dobry wybor stachu tez go wybralem xD

lol, dont worry about this (private business LOL!) ^^^

i just voted 1 time, on the opel
too bad i cant vote for the Night Eyes VW :/
Oh well, too late guys!

I think it's time to announce something..
First of all, Tonn has cheated, and I think everyone is allowed to know this. 25 People (either just registered, or no activity or whatsoever in the time they are registered: argokeseke, beaver, Chain, christi, emersoon, fbender, H3ndr1k, juulanuula, jürkanürka, kadriiii, kadrikaljula, karvapüstitaja, kats, liisaliisa, maaleht, maamats, mammukash, mannjunn, mari1000, matsp, munandimanus, posse2, psycodad, sussandy2, tärn) have voted for Tonn, and we think that's just pathetic. It isn't against the rules, actually. But it makes this contest unfair. Those 25 people have only voted for Tonn (so only one vote). Therefor we have contracted those 25 votes from his stats. We have discussed this among Mods and several other members, and we all agreed.

Which makes the winners:
First place... *drums* Tigga, with his wonderful Opel Ascona B! Congratulations!
Second place... *drums* Me! Congrats to myself!
Third place... *drums* revelli, with his rare VW Golf V Mattig! Congrats to you too!

FlashG with 18 votes
Tonn with 16 votes
Kris with 9 votes
kicksivocsok with 6 votes.
Too bad about Kris and kicksivocsok, I would have liked seeing them a bit more up. But the viewers have decided! Thanks for participating, and I think we can congratulate every single one of them, for making lovely models!


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Woooh... I won 8o

It sure was a close call... Congratulations to Nighteye and Revelli. :)

Also a "good job" to every other contestant. :)

/edit: btw. Nighteye, you have a small mistake there... revelli's Golf is a "Mattig", not "Mättig" :grin:
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