Low Poly Car Contest: Poll

Who has the best lowpoly car? You got three votes

  • FlashG - Volvo S40 1999

    Votes: 17 17.0%
  • NightEye - VW Käfer 1302

    Votes: 32 32.0%
  • kicksivocsok - Smart ForTwo Cabrio

    Votes: 6 6.0%
  • Tigga - Opel Ascona B

    Votes: 32 32.0%
  • revelli - Mattig VW Golf V

    Votes: 20 20.0%
  • Tonn - Jaguar XJ12 Series 3

    Votes: 41 41.0%
  • KVH- Design - Peugeot 205 GTI

    Votes: 9 9.0%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .
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Okay new try. NE, Tigga, kicksivocsok, Tonn, revelli and kvh-design. Could you post you're cars here again. Sorry that the poll got deleted :(

I'll add new one as soon as you guys have posted your pics.

As earlier, please remember that you don't judge the car just because its renders are nice. This is lowpoly contest so it counts how one has built the mesh and about the textures! Thanks!

And remember, show renders from interior and exterior. Also wires should be shown. Renders should be atleast 800x600.
(NE if you got something to add or you want to modify the text, you're free ;) )

Yeah I have one thing to add: also crit on accuracy! As this is a contest to make the most accurate (accuracy makes nice cars) with as few polies.
Too late is too late. They already had one more day to post their works, and they didn't use it. It wouldn't be fair to have them into the contest again, now.
well here my 205 again :)

4994 polys if i can remember right:) (any way ask ne he knows it:p)

next pics in next post:p


multimediaman said:
hopefully I'm not too late getting this picture sumbission in... this is the first I've seen of this submission thread. ó_ò
I hate to say, but yes you're too late :(
The contest ended March 4th, and people even got the time till March 5th. But due to the server shift, the thread got deleted.

As I wrote a few of posts before:
"Too late is too late. They already had one more day to post their works, and they didn't use it. It wouldn't be fair to have them into the contest again, now."

I hope you understand. There will be a lot more contests like this in the future, so always another chance :)
Sorry about that, but now everything are going to be ok no more missing posts.

Anyways I'll discuss with NE about the poll. And after that we'll add the poll to this tread.

Sorry MMM that we aren't including you to this vote but well as NE said earlier :(


Traffic Car Connoisseur
FlashG said:
I don't know why you keep saying that since you're a bloody great modeler. You've showed it many times with your detailed cars ;)
didn't he also mention that he uses MS-Paint for his texturing?

shoot... if that's the case, you should get some major props for getting *anything* to line up properly with the unwrap of the model... but seriously, get photoshop elements if you can't afford photoshop, or get paint shop pro, even that's a little better than ms paint o_O...
multimediaman said:
or get paint shop pro, even that's a little better than ms paint o_O...
Even though i now have PS, i use PSP 5 all the time. As long as you aren't working with alpha channels or something, it is very close to Photoshop. Way way better than MS Paint. And Paint Shop Pro 5 loads in just a couple of seconds. Definitely the quickest way to get something opened, changed, saved, done. Completely customizable toolbars, too. At the time of its realease (around photoshop 4 or 5) it was actually quite a bit better than Photoshop for about a 5th of the price.

I still use it all the time when i don't feel like waiting for Photoshop to load all of my fonts and crap. The filters aren't as good in PSP as they are in PS, but for web resolution stuff, it really doesn't matter. And it can save a .psd too. I usually use it like a clipboard for bringing stuff into PS, though with CS2 now i might look into the whole bridge thing instead...

But i can't stress enough how high my opinion of PSP is. :up: I don't remember liking v7 very much, but i haven't uninstalled v5 since i bought it new...

Anyhow. Now on topic. I messed up my vote here, even though it clearly said vote for 3, i only chose one. Oh well. I am a dolt.

Really quite a nice group of cars here guys. Hopefully the low poly contest is something that will occur again, as well. I like seeing what is possible. :)

yep i used ms paint for the textures:) only the army version i made with some kind of sponge tool :p wich i found accidently

but i can't learn the other programs:) cause this is my first try for a decent unwrapped tex (all made in zmod and paint) (also the unwrapping methode is wierdly good effort for zmod 1 i think but hey i can't realy compete with the other models

so i suck:p

Added another 2 votes for Kris, since he had only voted once.
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