lotus omega blueprint "helpme"


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damn. misread your post. thought you ment opel omega. well they look the same (almost) and its almost the same car except some major engine updates
The Lotus Omega is based on the previous model to those drawings. I've got side/front/rear three views, but only of the standard Omega of that model. I'll post 'em when I get home, but you'll hafta add the flares and spoilers yourself.
Here it is. The top view here is of a 1/38 scale $2 Chinese diecast. As you can tell from the resolution I have a $2 camera too....:) However, a little is better than nothing.


if it helps, this car is also known as a vauxhall carlton (well its the same shape, not sure about whats underneath it)
Badge engineered for the English and European markets. No mechanical or body differences whatever. I suppose the bench racers argued about the superiority of the aerodynamics of the respective badges and stickers. For a while, the Lotus Carlton/Omega was the fastest series production sedan in the world, with only the AMG Sledgehammer as competition, and they were built to order only.