Lotus Cortina Mk1

the paint somehow gives up the cg look otherwise its looking great
u can add some minor dirt on the lowest parts of the body to make it look more realistic
+ some dirt on wheels
that looks just neat dave! Great job. I only dislike the the tyrematerial for some reason. It needs to have a bit more the rubber feeling! Rest is superb!


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:O w*% je (5@% Dj$^@ [ Were is my jaw? @.@] :D really amazing work, on first look i thought , "now were did you find the same car as your 3d model? " stunting!!


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Posted this in another forum, thought you might like it too - Here is a free HDRI and backplate. Feel free to use it how you want. As usual, all I ask is that you credit where you got the HDRI and backplate from if you use it publicly. Same scene as the black car above, and the yellow one below.

FREE HDRI and BACKPLATE : http://www.dmmultimedia.com/tutorial_06/Dave_3d_EnvMaps.zip 45 MB - Enjoy.


EDIT : Link updated - sorry.