Looking for a CG Generalist for Automotive in Hamburg

we are an advertising agency network and international lead agency of one of the biggest car manufacturer in europe. We are looking for CG Allrounder who have skills in modeling, texturing, lighting and, in best cases, some experience in post production. We are working with Maya, Cinema 4D and Maxwell.
Maxwell and Cinema 4D is not a must, but you should have some experiences in Maya.

If you want to work in grown surrounding with the spirit of a startup company, close to the harbour of the wonderful city of Hamburg, than write me a PM and i will get back to you as soon as possible.


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Just curious, but why Maya and C4D? Polys aren't the best for automotive...projects and designs for production cars are made in NURBS which are technically better , precise and suitable for 3D printing!
Hi Kangal, in the design process you are probably right, but in den process of creating images and animation for marketing purposes, poly models are the way to go.