Lola T70 MkIIIB

This Lola T70 Mk3 B chassis SL76/153 is raced by Wilson Fittipaldi Jr. in Copa Brasil, Interlagos, in december of 1970 :

Dec/06 - Copa Brasil - First race - DNF - Wilson Fittipaldi Jr.
Dec/13 - Copa Brasil - Second Race - First - Wilson Fittipaldi Jr.
Dec/22 - Copa Brasil - Third Race - 3th - Wilson Fittipaldi Jr.
Dec/27 - Copa Brasil - Fourth Race - DNF - Wilson Fittipaldi Jr.

Corel X3 2D drawing - just finished!


Your drawings are the best I´ve seen in a very long time.
Are you drawing them with the correct wheel-base...front-track and rear-track?
Is there a chance we may see...Ferrari 312P Coupe...Ferrari 350 CanAm...Ferrari well?
I am very impressed.
Best Regards: Staffan.


New Member

Thank you for your kind words.
Yes, I'm drawing with correct wheelbase, front and rear track or as closest as possible. They are only illustrations, they aren´t tecnical drawings. I have no support from any car builder (I hope one day) to bring me original drawings. I can't take measurements on a real car and I never saw one of those fantastic cars "face to face". This is one of my dreams. There aren't one of them here in Brasil. I have only blueprints (from internet), pics and specs to use as reference.
Yes, they are all in my wish list, but this list is growing fast. To every car I draw a full hand of cars joinned my list. I will do drawings of cars that are raced here in the '60s and '70s first and will draw the others later.
You can see a few of my drawings at www.