Lola T70 Coupe

Lola T-70 Mk IIIB

Hi ohzone!
The Chaparral drawings are great. You seem to be a guy who knows a lot about these "Classic sportscars".
The Lola T-70 Coupe for example. I`ve seen it before, but not as good resolution as you have.
Now to my question.

Lola T-70 MkIIIB. It is a bit different and I have not seen it anywhere.

There`s a lot of cars I`d like to ask you about. But let´s take that another time.
Best regards:

Lola T-70 Mk-III

As far as I know, all of the Lola T-70 Factory coupes had the same body-work. The only real differences were the headlites, tailites, and aerodynamic aids (spoilers).
There was at least one that was a very highly modified showcar, but it no longer resembled a Lola.