Lincoln Zephyr Experimental (1935)

Thanks for the donation!
The first concept is really wild, i am sure if it was endorsed by Lincoln it would flop even worse than the Airflow.
The second is more sedate, but still too "European". The American public still was not used (if ever) to a sloping front end...


Superb donation. Both of those designs would not have been accepted by the buying public, as Chrysler found out with the Airflow. Fortunately, the hand of Edsel Ford guided Lincoln Zephyr, and then Continental, to automotive beauty at a time when it was sorely lacking in the US. Always overshadowed by his domineering father, he died far too young and today is best remembered by having his name hung on that God-awful thing of the late 50's. A sad fate for a man of great sensitivity and taste who deserves to by better known. Ettore