Lincoln Town Car (1991)


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Woohooo! I cannot begin to express how ecstatic I am about FINALLY getting this blueprint! :grin::grin:

I'll just leave it at W00000T!

And big thanks goes to the person who unsuspectingly parked this car seperated enough from the other vehicles to allow for such an opportunity :grin:

I've got two more coming along with this car, but it could be a while before I get them ready. But feel free to stay tuned :p


Traffic Car Connoisseur
the top views come when someone gets me a cherry picker that can raise up taller than 150 feet.

Either that, or if the general public would be willing to drain all their car's fluids, remove the wheels, take the loose items out of their vehicle, and put their vehicle on a tilt-a-car:

Until then, top views are going to be next to impossible for me to photograph.

I suppose if I had a High Definition camcorder that could shoot at very high speeds even in darker areas, I could find a bridge that the police wouldn't mind me hanging over to videotape the cars as they go under, then I could paste the images together. But Police usually aren't too keen about people loitering around bridges, sticking objects over the roadway as cars drive by at 60 mph+


Lol, I replaced the merit too^^ But its gone now, replaced by a crappy Holden lol.

@Catlin: Just looks at the design!!

@Johnas: Yeah, that would be cool. But Pumbars already works an a 1991 and 1998 one, so I dont know if it makes sense to model it for gta. Would be cool anyway since he will need 10 years befor its gameready, too many other projects.

@MMM: Thank you alot.:grin:

Btw, the underbody is pretty similar to the 1992-1997 Crown Vic one. I think I have some ref pics of it, not sure how big the differences between the 1992-1997 and 1998-20xx Crown Vic underbodys are but I have some really good pics of the current generation too. Should I post them here as refpics?
Well it would take time from me too to model it, I got many things under work too among other things

But yea all refpics are welcomed :)


Great! the guy who donated the availability of his car to be photographed did it to keep it from getting dings in the parking lot! ;) the ones in GTa:SA are nice but will be nice to see one with Schaeffts attention to details. one of my favorite Boats! Moritzamica- great one from your brochure! that top will be useful. :)