Lincoln Continental Mark IV (1974)

Here is the Lincoln Mark IV with the mandated 5mph crash bumpers front and rear. wheelbase 120.4 inches. engines for this car were 400 or 460 V8.the 1976 Collector series all looked similar but each designer had its own trademark color. for example silver was the color for Cartier. Bill Blass was midnight blue. Givenchy was Aqua blue diamond fire with white accents.Pucci was dark red moon dust with white top and trim.


I will see what I can do. I will try to darken the lines for the front end and I will re-scan them so the heavy black line is gone. I will also leave some space so the whole car can be viewed. looks like my scan cuts off the bumper. I did this car because the one in blueprint section is not accurate. I also have 1972 version Mark IV which I will post here soon.
:grin: good blueprints i seen from you....take any special requests?:grin: if so how good are you on doing late 90's Nissan Sport Compacts??:grin: :eek:
Which nissan are you suggesting? if there are photos of these cars, then I can do the three view. I can do tops too. 280 sx ,300z, Pulsar. even older stuff like 240z ? I am currently working on Ford But I am not limited to those. I am Planning some Cadillacs from the 70's to the 90's. Soon I will post the Ford Granada (US), and Australian Ford Fairlane G220 and tickford tl50.