Lights!! Camera!! ACTION!!

Am i too late to enter this if not i would like to do the minis fron the italian job the first italian job that is not the rubbish socond one



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ZERO if u make it can u do the final render whit all 3 cars (white blue and red colors) in one render i mean? :) (if poly count is not to big) PLS :) that would be cool

I forgot to mention it first time GOOD LUCK EVERYBODY
cartoon cars??

sorry, but i couldnt find this in the rules.. can i make a car from a cartoon??? im still in the TV show requirements :D
We'll I'm gonna be strange and enter a 1971 reliant regal supervan III from the British show 'Only fools and horses', I actually started it 2 days ago before seeing this contest but as the contest started last week I guess this is OK?

It wont win agaisnt these american classics but as I'm making it anyway i dont mind.
well i checked over the entries. and im suprised... i didnt see eleanor :(
im not sure if i will have the time to make er myself but im gona try haha