Light up LED head and tail lights

well i don't know how leds actually work and i meant that what ive modeled was the reflective parts of the lights and not the light bulbs since i don't how this actually work
I'm having trouble with this too, but I feel like I'm getting close. I've modelled bulbs all round, and I've added a luminance (direct illumination) to the little capsules, which is meant to be the springy filament.

Its still not complete and I don't know if I will stick with this method or try another, but I hope it helps. Aventador's lights look a bit more trickier.

2605b811d930550cc6c3c35ce9668159.png 4cfba0ce382a10d7a4b72616bfbe27ca.png 340c82566fff64daf2aa5bb86ce53ae3.png
this is what i've modeled in my taillights so far. Someone can tell me what to add to get them to light up ?
you nailed it, you could try adding small sphere lights for each reflector, or you could model small bulbs. i chose any kind of bulb, for me its always a guessing game and going with what i do know. my lights ain't perfect so i ain't claiming to be an expert in this :confused:. Trial and error ;)
I don't know which setup of software you are using, but this tutorial is something simple for this type of LED headlights.

You also can check his channel for another type of tutorials, he \in my country Spaz is he\ try different types of lightening for better results.