Liberty Walk Aventador


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Hi all
I want to share with you my current personal project, Lamborghini Aventador customized by Liberty Walk japanese company. Software is Rhino of course.

The exterior is almost done, i have to model still the doors' handles, the fuel cap and the front parking sensors. Then i'll model a rough interior (just to do not obscure the windows), the engine cover and the rear shock absorbers which unfortunely are

Basically what i have done was to model a stock Aventador then i've modeled all the modifications included in the LB package but for the front bumper which i left standard because i love those squared front vents.

Anyway, i hope you like my work so far.

P.S Credits to kriscabrera for the tires' tread, i use it quite often.

LB 1.png
LB 2.png
LB 3.png
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Thank you Adam.
No, i won't model the 458 at the moment since i have other projects in mind, maybe in the future :)

These are simple rendered vieports from my Rhino, so i ask sorry for the aliasing and the pixelated shaders.
Anyway, the exterior part is now finished.

Image 1.jpg Image 2.jpg Image 3.jpg Image 4.jpg Image 5.jpg Image 6.jpg Image 6.jpg Image 7.jpg Image 8.jpg Image 9.jpg Image 10.jpg Image 11.jpg Image 12.jpg


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@ helicase
Sure mate, here is.
Unlike what i have always thought about the Aventaor, this was a very difficult car above all because of the multiple intersections between blends and fillets. And to match continuity among the base carbody and the enlarged parts has been a nightmare.

back.jpg front.jpg side.jpg top.jpg


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Well this is the engine bay and the associated related parts. I won't add further details. It's rough, undetailed and not accurate at all, but i think it's enough to be seen through the 3 plans made of glass down by the roof.
According to my ''style'', i never model parts which cannot be seen in overall renders.

Image 1.jpg Image 2.jpg