LCA Contest: The bluesmobile - 74 Dodge Monaco

Heres the wires. Pretty rough I know. Im actually having a little trouble finding a good blueprint of this so am going by reference pics mostly.


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Wire looks good, and the render is find for me :)

Red: I think there is to many Vertex's but maby its only the picture
p.s.: my moto is make everything look simple :) even if its not so simple :p

Green:Do u realy need that line cuting the polygon?

p.p.s: I am not profy :p so just wait for someone other to say what he thinks

Renders look good so i think the wire is good :) but i would still like to here someones opinion :D


clay renders show few or no bumps so imo the wire is ok... , but plz show us wire pics with less perspective (like side or top) because its hard too see them from posted image...

if you have no blueprints then you'll need all the help you can get from ppl here... i can allready tell, from pic of the real car you posted, that your roof and rear door are too short + the right down corner of the rear side window should be more rounder...

...something is not right with the body lines on the side of the car, but i will have too check more ref pics for that...

overall, your modeling is good, just check up more ref pics and keep it up...


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YEY Blues mobile :D I can't agree with olddog, wires are fine ;) (this "Green
o u realy need that line cuting the polygon?" I think this line comes from trunk edge :) )
Model looks nice and clear, nice work. Good luck in contest
Thanks a lot everyone for your input. Much appreciated.

OldDog: Yeah that red line you pointed out is the boot line(trunk. dependending on where you live). Im not sure why it looks like that. And your right about the little clusters of messy vertexs. I need to sort those.

andrijac: The body lines need lots of work. Im gunna spend some time in illustrator trying to put together a good blueprint before I go much further with modelling.

janusz_the_maker: thanks for the encouragment mate. Much appreciated.
I like this really have improved this model from the first posted image. For whatever reason I really like the wheels, they look spot on! Keep it up