LCA Contest: Plymouth Valiant from Duel


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I run out of time guys :/ I dont have any time left for modeling or rendering,

Here´s the final CRAPPY renders. I had to use envmap, because with real reflective materials my PC dies during rendering.
Overall the materials and renders suck but at least I finished this contest.

It´s been a huge fun doing this. First USA car for me.... I think, with bad side ref.pic and no front or rear blueprints. So I´m happy with my archiement.

Good luck to other guys. I´m allready fighting who should I vote. Every entry has it´s own +/- things.


You've done great RD :) Post these up in the final entries thread, and who knows. :)

And don't forget: there are always tons of members here to be happy to make some nice renders (although that is probably not allowed, as that can be seen as teaming up).
Perhaps just do a really quick interior (just black, and some headrests), to make it look a bit better :)


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Its Good for Low poly model . To bad u cant make better renders. i mean just a material update would help, but if your pc can't handel it :/

PA: Nice model for GTA 3 ;) Or just some smooting for SA