LCA Contest: Plymouth Valiant from Duel


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LCA Contest: Plymouth Valiant from Duel *Finished*

Movie called Duel. Where a psyco chases a Plymouth using a truck

Great movie.

I have no blueprints so this will be interesting.



The Land Cruiser Maniac
it would be lowpoly ?
what's the point of low poly in this case anyway, i don't get it...
Why should it be high-poly?? Yes it is low-poly. And the reason is, because my PC cant handle more than around 10 000 polys....

Edit: I found some nice from Ebaymotors. I have to correct many things on the front fender and on the grille.
precision ? quality ?
because it looks good it's better in every way
we're in 2008 for god sake
10k polys even ps1 could've handle much much more so i somehow doubt that a pc where 3ds max could be run on can't handle more than 10k, and speaking of games could u show me a modern game which uses so little polys ? 10k it's like - come on !
Sergo,its about getting the best looking with the lowest amount of polys,try it sometimes its far more challenging than making a high poly mesh..
Good progress you got there, can't wait to see it with smoothing groups.


Please let it be, it's RD's decision how to model. Lowpoly is one way to model and it's not always easy to keep the mesh as low as possible. You should try it sometime, I do it for fun sometimes hehe.


The Land Cruiser Maniac
@schaefft: There´s tons on better models than mine :D

Anyway. I made more corrections for the grille. You migh not notice it tho.

Also trying some smoothing groups.


coming along nicely. I always am partial to sedans of all kinds. this valiant is a nice car to model. will be good for games too. Low poly cars tend not to crash games....