LCA Contest: "Magical Pirate Ship" from "Stardust"


aka chosenlv
Great idea. I think texturing is the hardest part of this project IMO. Good luck with you ship. Can't wait when you will show first pics of it! ;)


Nice to see you entering that contest with some different kind of vehicle from your choices for previous concept. I'm looking forward to see how your skills will apply to this nice choice of subject.


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:) Thank you on your comments...

I`m correct balloon now... thank you

well, I`m always trying to put all my mind, soul and spirit in my work... because of that I`m always searching for some interesting themes... something unusual, and original....

and little update..

best regards


aka chosenlv
Great modeling and really you are sick man. :D How many polies the balloon have? Why you don't use bump maps for your balloon, it safe more polies and PC recourse, of course if your computer is fast.
Anyway I like your model and good luck with it ;) Can't wait to see the ship :)


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:) 175.000 polys... I have a very strong comp so this is nothing for him... bump map is never so good in shadows as geometry...

thank you friends :)

and new render.... back lite...



aka chosenlv
Yes it's true, I have big problem with my PC. My maximum poly count number must be less than 500'000. And if to this I add lights and textures, this is big problem for my comp. You are lucky ;)

Keep it up, nice details. ;)



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@spitty 3d

No... for now I`m using only HDRI image in vray Environment override...

and very little update...

best redardas
also a suggestion to make different material ID's to the squares an then randomly assign the main material with different brightness and contrast settings, because they were originally different (made from scrap i think :D).
U can easily do that with souldburnscripts (if i'm not mistaken) it's a free pack of scripts with material id randomiser (or something like that) and also there's ColorCorrect plugin to change brightness contrast and bunch of different settings.

(it's just in case if u didn't know about them, but i somehow doubt u didn't, to find them just google it :D)


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thank you sergo
I will find that script and try on that way too...
well... now
I`m just playing with that....... with vertex pain modifier

and just another view and little darker lleather..