LCA contest mad max interceptor

Ahhh, some competition, eh? Good Luck!

Watch the front fender corner, it is more rounded when it joins with the front fascia...looking good tho!


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No hard filings i just think its to much :sneer: and by the way this is my 3rd car :p

well i am rushing :p and it looks bad ,and i have plenty of strange bumps and edges but whit time i will learn, like everybody ;)
Hell, we have until the end of December, right?

I'm curious to see if anyone drops out of this, but WOW there are alot of contestants.

Biggest SMCars Contest ever?
Nah, mid- and lowpolycontests of 2006 had even more entries. But its great to see there are so many now :)

@topic: Looks not bad, need some more progress to see more. :)
Had lots of contestants but few finished their models, I hope this contest will also courage people to keep it in the end. :) But indeed need to see some more, bit early to say much yet :)