LCA contest: Lamborghini Countach 5000S from Miami Vice

indeed, you really improved yourself the last days. I'm really glad you've found some motivation:) It looks HAWT! but loose the white interior!

EDIT: Go for red leather on the seats, it pwns!


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I'd hate to be the wet blanket of the crowd, but your door seams don't seem to be showing up as prominently as I'd expect them to look. Not sure if they were made too thin, or the shadow bias is playing tricks... or what. But the last front render, every thing seems to blend together because of this....

But overall, it's looking very nice
Hmmm, in all honesty I would've kept the lens-flare... They did it all the time with Miami Vice, capturing the lens-flare over the buildings and cars, and it gives it a real tropic/Miami feel. I'd stick with it :)

Other than that, really good stuff mate. Excellent job!!
Good composition, but may be you could try to lower the car a bit (don't know much how was the real one in Miami Vice...).
And one more point: compared to the trees size, the car looks too big, no?


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@Spitty: Thanks :) Tom just motivated my. Try to imagine riced Countach by Catlin o_O
@Tom, shilpinator: Thanks a lot mates :)
@Erik: Unfortunley in Miami Vice they used two white! lamboz with white interiors :| Maybe after contest I will play with it. I have in plans render all my models in one scene :D
@mmm: You explained me it on IRC channel, as I said that's all light's position work, hope my new render doesn't have this issue.
@Doc: Yeah, lean flares are old shool so it sould look properly in old style movie-like-render
@kawaiistef: hmm, I'm sure my wheels are right sized, I even measured it. About lowering it, it seams countaches had high rised suspesion because it's lowest as I can. Front wheels have to turn (some ppl would make it low to da floja, rise da camber to -5 [mr.mean, crackiln] and put some bling-bling 23" on it - who cares about turning wheels :p )

Anyway, those are my final render. I don't wanna bother with it for now. :) I'm sure I could get much more from it but I'm just bored with it.



I'm glad I motivated you :) Excellent final renders, you have a real atmosphere in your pictures and that's a very different level to obtain.