LCA contest: Lamborghini Countach 5000S from Miami Vice

Try looking around in the LCA forum, and see what you have to deal with.. That should get you motivated enough ;)
Good luck then, I know how hard that can be!
Thats good advice, it does the trick to me atleast. I haven't just got time to do any modeling on last couple of weeks. Fortunately we got Christmas vacations here so I have some time to continue mine :)


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Thanks for lots of reply. I think it motivated me a bit, maybe today I will do something :).


Nobody will touch my baby :D Especially Cracklin :)
YES! go on go on:) I'd love to see the daytona and this one's final renders. Hope you have the motivation soon cause it's a shame to leave this unfinished!
oke, you got me with these renders. I love them,, very lovely! You totally got the atmosphere of miami!! Great job. Just fill teh renders a bit up with some nice lady's in bikini's and your my hero!


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@IC, Spitty: yeah I need to tweak some settings for finial render. Thanks for pointing this out.
Lol @ Nik's under username line

@Erik: see attachment


I love the renders 8) Ditch the girls though.. And officially they aren't even allowed (as all work needs to be yours, and scratch made ;) )..

Is it me, or is the wheelarch of the rear not matching up with the sideskirt?

If you consider rerendering, you might want to make the pavement a bit higher. This will add just a little bit more detail, making your scene more realistic :)


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Girls were only for Erik, and yes NE, looks like my bumper moved a lil bit.
Next test....

it's so grainy 'cos I wanna get old movie feel, and IMO it works