LCA contest: James Bond's 1975 Lotus Esprit from The Spy Who Loved Me


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Nice Seats, i really like the leather material you have. But, the cloth material needs to appear a little smaller i think, so tile it more or w/e IMO so it looks less like carpet. Keep it up!
ppl i need to ask something of you... i want to make some parts spining on my renders... i have read tutorial on spining weels in renders, but that was long time ago, so i dont remember how it's done and i cant find that tut anymore, so if anyone could explain how its done or post a link to some tutorial i would be most gratefull... thx
You mean to make it look like the car is in motion? Or something else? If you mean look like its in motion, just parent the camera to the car > animate the car and wheels > turn on motion blur > Render...?
ok... here is the model i'll probably gonna use for my final renders, the sub version ;D

i was asking about tutorials for motion blur, cause i wanna make propellers look like spinning in renders, but i think i have figured that out now...


test render, white carpaint was causing me problems, this is best i have so far...

also, i decided to remodel my tires, well tough competition made me do that tbh, but still i'm not convinced about these, i might go for new ones...