LCA contest: James Bond's 1975 Lotus Esprit from The Spy Who Loved Me

update... body lines shaping up...

@Johnas... ill do normal version first and then if i have time i'll go for submarine + some nice underwater renders :p


...update... body almost done, i'm really satisfied with it so far, i have added some wires too...

Johnas... i'm allready making some tests for under water scene ^^


Car looks great and very smooth, but its too narrow. The car I think might also need some work on the angle of the side glass and upper half, but its hard to tell.
thx for comments ppl...

icekid84... i wish that was all thats wrong... besides being to narrow, car was too short and roof line was totaly wrong, i have spend most of the weekend fixing it... it looks much better now and i will post new renders soon...

ather then that, i was doing tests for final renders and all i can say white car paint will be hard as hell.. :(
update... i have reshaped most of the parts to get right looks, and i think its better now, i have also done detailing of the body but some minor thigs are still to be done... i'll go for the interior next...