LCA Contest: Ford Gran Torino 1976 - Starsky & Hutch

2 chris20 u bet it is thanks alot ! :D
2 nosh_dir85 be patient, i'm doing the stock ones very soon =)
2 Johnas thanks :)) - are you going to do the interrior on your dodge ? cuz i'm planning to do one
I see
i was planning a detailed one but maybe i'll reconsider depending on the free time.. we'll see :)

anyways the badge ...
looks trust worthy ?
also i discovered that the taillights are different inside than mine, one more thing to fix :<

about those overbright areas - i turned on clamp output in my reinhard color mapping - some hotspots remained, tried increasing clamp level (intuitively - don't really know what it should do :S) some spots dissapeared but some remained and even some new appeared (not quite precise on the last one though) any suggestions on fixing the problem ?


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model looks fantastic sergo :) only suggestion is to make your renders a bit sharper by choosing a different anti-aliasing filter in your render settings (try catmull-rom or the mitchell-netravali one)
2 Johnas thanks :) but there still are some nasty things unfortunately
2 IC infact it Was a Mitchell-Netravali filter, i think it's because undersapling both in Irradience map and LightCache..
2 chris20 thnx - i've done some research to make specially that one's :) want to keep this one as close as possible

so there's some mat renders (only deeply deeply test ones :D )
hotspots ..........


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righto...the material renders look better, but the panel gaps still seem to disappear a bit, particularly around the doors...for the hotspots, have you got clamp output *and* sub-pixel mapping on? thats what should make them disappear


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Yeah nice render and nice model man. I can't wait to see it with white line on side :) and render when it's driving over the boxes xD


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Good work your render is amazing, way bether then last two. ;)

Everything is about lightning and textures
I am am ULTRA noob for that. :(