LCA Contest: F14 Tomcat from Top Gun

I'll be doing the F14 from Top Gun, hopefully get it finished by the deadline. It will be low poly, around 1000-2000 tris for a game engine, textured then normal mapped. I've yet to decide how to generate the normals by a high poly mesh or by hand from textures.

I'm still working on the elise and need to update that thread!

EDIT: Can somebody update the title please?


Haven't started this yet as I've not had time because I've been working on this:

YouTube - 3ds max Jet

A higher res avi for those interested.

I'm making a series of jet's like this and the F14 should look similar, only it probably won't have the camo paint.

The video above is taken from the viewport as it's intended to be used in a game that I'm working for a project at uni. It uses one 512x512px diffuse sheet and one 512x512 normal map. I have baked AO into the diffuse texture.


Ugly plane (I worked 5 years for Dassault so I can't say anything good about Eurofighter ;)) but great job on it. Do you still plan to model a F14 ?

Any thought to share about plane modeling, compared to car modeling ? I thought several time to start a Rafale or a SR71. Maybe it's not the place for such a discussion, so feel free to start a chat thread if you want.
Tom I don't mind talking about it here since it's relevant to the F14 thread. Thanks for the kind words - I kindof like the look of the Eurofighter I'm not sure why! At first I found it strange to model the EuroFighter and I didn't know where to start. Then I sat back and thought about it and it really is the same technique as modelling a car. I started in the side view modelled the side and then worked around shaping it in the different viewports. I modelled the wings seperately and the only hard part was figuring out how to keep the the air intakes low poly, hence why its quite simplified. Unwrapping was quite a challenge to stop any distortion, yet keep the UV sheet recognizable so its easy to texture.

I plan to continue making the F14, I think I will be starting it this weekend if nothing else comes up inbetween fingers crossed! With the techniques I've learnt from the EuroFighter I don't think it will take that long to do.
Thanks for the reference NightEye.

I'm gonna have to bow out of this competition, I'm heading back home for christmas and won't be doing any 3d. I'll still get this project done in January but good luck to everyone else still in!