LCA Contest: Dodge Charger '70 from "Dukes of Hazzard"


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i just soo that my real dimensions are not good :/ I am working on wide screen and my desktop resolution was not on wide so the real car is too high and too short

damn i all ways have some stupid problems xD

Any way updates coming soon :)


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And After One Week Of Break I am Back :evil:

By first i wanted to do interior, so i started, and in the process i got bored so for the contest it will be only Shadow interior.

About the rims I just uploaded a wire of my rim can some on help me to make it rounder? you see what i mean? tnx

I think u all know i am new to modeling and everything so i dunno how to texture, but i hope that whit the help of internet I'll learn on time, to finish this model.

p.s. if someone knows a good tutorial about texturing and materials PM me please ;) tnx

and here are the updates: full car, Inventory, Wheel, ...

If u see something is wrong or u think ,something can look bether whit my skills, if i fix something small just tell me Tanks :)

C&C are welcome :)


On the rear pillar you got bump, should be smoother

About the interior, I'm planning to make simple one myself too. I'm afraid that I cannot do very detailed, rendering would be impossible then.

Try to make your rims spokes separate objects so you don't get those uneven polyflows on then wheel. They should be equal if some are narrower then rim will not be even.
Hey Old dog,

This is looking great. its a Massive leap forward from your previous post.

Im no expert but if im having trouble with textures I try to find on the internet anything that is pretty close to what I want then try to see how its made and adjust it to suit my needs. Like you might find a red car paint material that you can change to get your orange.


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2Johnas Tanks for the tip about rims :) i will try that way. and i will check that bumps ;)

2Chris yea tanks i have plenty off time but i have some Virus: I cant stop playing mmorpg games xD
I'll have to search for tutorials but i think i will make it just find ;)
And how did u know that i used car paint material? :O

next step new rims :D see u all soon
Ha Ha....mmorpg games. There is always plenty of distractions Olddog. Dont let it stop you working on your project though. Its going too well. looking forward to seeing more.


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yea i know :/ mmorpg games are like school take much time except they are fun and school is boring like hell.
speaking of which here is an update on rims ;)

If someone has a tip for chrome color, pls let me know because this is just not it.

C&C are welcome as all ways

Well take a look


the most important thing in chrome material is the enviroment- all the things around it, the things it reflects. the chrome material will never look as good in simple black studia as it would in hdri based enviroment. keep it up :)


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wow that was fast respond :)
so that would mean that i need to learn how to create hdri enviroment? and wtf is hdri xD lol
HDRi stands for high dynamic range image...basically it contains values beyond the standard 256 color spectrum. It has what is called a floating point integer, which means that what might appear to be white, ie 256,256,256 is really much brighter, as high as you want to go. It gives the nice reflections on cars because in real life colors arent constrained to a simple color spectrum, they range from quite black to intensely white.

Think of it like this, if you hold a piece of white paper outside on a bright day, thats white, right? Now think of looking at the sun on that same sunny day. That appears white as well but it is much brighter because it has intensity. Someone else might be able to give a better explanation, but your best bet is to go out and grab some. Here are some useful sites!

Light Probe Image Gallery

{E}vermotion - 3D models, textures, tutorials, architecture, 3D graphic, vray, 3ds max
nosh_dir85 pointed more or less what hdri is. The thing is basicly that U can't check Your chrome material and make it great in one enviroment and then place it in another, diferent enviroment couse it will look different. google tutorial for Your software about hdri and try to apply it. Also, if U want to make studio render of Your rim, think about adding sth, like big white planes so Your rim will have sth to reflect :) good luck

EDIT: So, I found 5mins free time at work so quick example:
1. grey material on rim, plane and black envi
2. changed material on the rim to standart chrome from max
3. added skyportal, loaded hdri in enviroment slot, changed it's mapping to spherical
4. pumped the rgb level value to 8 in material editor
only standart settings, nothing else changed



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If I went Crazy and i finish in some Hospital for mentally sick people guys please visit me

now look at this, i didn't change anything in my materials but i instaled DEMO V-Ray
and look at my render now (2xLeft-Vray and right-mental ray)

its like this i am using standard material whit reflection-reytrace-bitmap (from 3d max/maps/ reflections/chrometic)

this means 900$ V-ray sucks xD LOL

any one knows why is this rim looking so ugly? :D


I made those tutorials which explained well how vRay materials worked

vRay ftw!! I don't have any meanings to go back Max's materials or Mental Ray <_<
On your rim it looks as though the sampling levels are too low, its making your reflections grainy. I've never used Vray but in standard max mats you need to turn on supersampling. I like the shape of the rims tho, good job!

And Mental Ray for Life!