LCA Contest: Dodge Challenger from Vanishing Point

Thanks! :)

Finally had some time to continue but encountered some problems.

I have problem with the door handle, I need to cut hole for it but the mesh goes nasty around it. Some help would be appreciated :)


I could recommend to use so called anti-nurb technique
it involves collapsing your meshsmooth modifier to object, than u draw a spline (or whtever that is suitable to u) in desired shape and than boolean it :S
then a little cleanup and chamfer
tested and working :)
just u have to be sure that the shape is finished since u wouldn't be able to modify it any further for obviuos reasons

....or u can just add some extra edges to the left and right from your doorhandle :> usually does the trick


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Hmm... if u did left and right side same way, why is on the right mesh ok and on left not?
or its messed up left and right and i don't see good xD
It looks correct on right side and not left because the door seam is on the right close to where you have the door handle hole...on the left there isnt another edge loop for a while...add another edge loop in the middle of the door and it should work itself out..maybe.

Looking good otherwise!
Damn that is nice. Yeah i used that technique also for some parts of the gallardo, it makes cutting easier! The car looks very good and i love the emblem, very nice. Now some bigger clayrenders with better setings so we can spot for anything:)

Keep it up
i notice that i didn't had to ask for bigger renders to spot anything cause i can't find any:D But they're very nice to see:) I totally love the car, great job!
Uh yea tires aren't good indeed. I'll make simple interior probably, not time for detailed and I think polycount would raise too much for the renders :-/

@IK, thanks :) Polycount without meshsmooths are about 108k. With some cleaning will be good mesh for games aswell ^^

Here's wires also, fenders and doors have more dense mesh because I've collapsed the mesh with 1x iteration.


Very high for you. My Aston Martin Vantage V600 I did was pretty dense and I went through and removed edges from areas both horizontal and vertical and it really helps balance the overall mesh. ANyhow it looks great and definitly one of your best.
Cheers! Hopefully I got time to continue this weekend. Not much to do anymore, somekind of interior, few small details... I'd like to start the scene aswell.
High poly eh? Suits you well! :)

For the lights, use a nice bumpmap on the inner side of it (just like in real life) :)
You then get something like this:

Don't forget to put in some engine proxy.

Looking great mate!