LCA Contest: Dodge Challenger from Vanishing Point

Love the lighting! I've been messing with trying to get a softer shadow under my car (I'm using Blender), but having no luck. Any tips would be appreciated, regardless of what program you're using!

Thanks for the comments :)

@henrys, unfortunately I don't know how to make them softer in Blender. I'm sure Tom can help in that issue better :)

Here's first tests with the scene, thanks Erik_S for the dirt texture for the ground.

Scene won't be that simple, I'm gonna add some powerline poles and small bushes etc later. Also gonna make the car more dirtier


you have those light hotspots like I had
turn on sub pixel mapping and clamp output in your color mapping rollout in Vray

also the paint looks greyish to me, should be white though
and why your glass is blurry ? :)
also the area around turn signal looks bumpy, but mby it's just paranoya :D
Yea noticed those hot spots aswell, for some reason renders were black when I turned sub pixel mapping on o_O Clamp output I already had activated. I think glasses are blurred because I got glossines around 0.9~, need to increase it to make reflections better. I'm not sure if the bump is reflection but I see what you mean, need to check that thanks :)
why do u use refraction glossines ?

it should be 1 for sure
if u wanna blurry reflections use Only reflection glossines

anyways saw a render u might be interested with


Hehe that was nice render, car has inaccuracies but scenery is marvellous

I dunno why I actually used refraction glossines, must've tried it sometime and forgot to put it back to 1. I didn't have any intention to have blurry windows


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WOW BABY :eek: Now that is some awesome render. only if it was Johnas car on the road :D

your car would rock whit scene done something like that one ;)