LCA Contest: Dodge Challenger from Vanishing Point


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wow nice( may by just some reflections as seed above) so smooth and not metalic xD

i think its time for me to continue my work, like add that orange color :p
Sheesh Johnas... How on Earth are you still working where you are with these skillz, huh?? Get that demo-reel out there boy!! *shakes nerdy fist*

Very nice mate!!
Thanks and yea I noticed too late that I forgot to make paint more reflective o_O

@Doc, there aren't too many job for 3d artists at the area where I live.. ;(

I'll start to make taillights next, expect to see some updates today if I'll get them look decent...

The IC

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#65 choice of car is clearly superior because it doesnt have headlights or taillights! :p

nah, its looking sweet Johnas...for a challenge i suggest you model it as it looks after crashing into the roadblock xD
those are very good test renders if you just started with vray:) Keep it up, i really love the model. Maybe you should do more often with turbosmooth on 2;) Keep it up!
@IC I don't have heart to crash my Challenger :p

@ErikS, thanks. I'm sure this won't be my last hipolymodel ;) I've used vRay before too but not too much, only couple of renders.

Last couple of days I've been testing some material settings and also planned whatkind of scene I will use so not much modeling. Managed to make frontgrille, head- and taillights though.

Updated renders will come tomorrow, need to head to bed now...:picaso:


oh yeah, used bumpmapping for the tyretread. Gotta save some polies so I wont use 3d, also not the right tread for these good year tyres. I'll see if I'd do bumptexture myself later.


Thanks ;)

Uh takes ages to render about 25mins o_O

I'll need to try different settings to get rendertime shorter... Anyways here's what I managed to do. Window reflections are weird, I don't know how they came like that. Before it was fine, oh well



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Yeah, windows looks uber grainy. You should also give some light to front of the car. Car paint and chrome looks very nice.
Overall nice job Johnas