LCA Contest: Dodge Challenger from Vanishing Point


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Looking awesome so far Johnas, great work mate!
Can someone correct me if I'm wrong but did I just see Gareth post in this thread :p


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can u pls update a wire of last picture?
it looks great :)

Prykie u are not wrong ;) its gareth and he has my car as his profile picture :p


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:) it looks so simple and still so good :D

Don't worry be happy ;) u will fix everything, look what hapend to me xD and i am still working on it, dosent bother me that i lost data 2(now 1 tanks to sergo) times :/ i think its because of that black cat that crosed the road in front of me that day when i started this model xD LOL

looks great keep it up


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YEY UPDATE :DLooking great.

Come on Johnas u are like 100 times better then me keep it up ;)
I hope we get updates every day from you in the future ;)

Don't stop whit the good work :D
nice update ! :D
looks rly smooth,
only slight prob. i can spot is at the rear pillar , by the side window, how the pillar joins to the side of the body might be a prob later on :/ idk lol
wow! great stuff, will take me a million years to get my WIP's to resemble a far I have started my projects but seem to get side tracked by work.