LCA Contest: Days Of Thunder Chevrolet Luminas

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well im getting a bit pressed for time, so ill just churn the renders out, then ill tweak them if i have time left

ive changed the scene where Cole Trickle gets spun by Wheeler, i just wasnt liking how it was turning i came up with this which is basically just the next camera angle you see of that sequence when watching the case anyones wondering about the smoke, i put in as much as the reference pic had

@Erik_S: well alright then, ill leave it...i always find lots of stuff wrong with my own work ;L


I think that last render possibly needs more bluring on the out of focus cars.... then dont feel like they are part of the picture,
but its still bloody good!

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update...i originally tried blurring the 3 faster cars, but it didnt look very this one is panning with the 3 fast cars, and the spinning car is blurred...i also reduced the blur in general since its meant to be on one of the small slower tracks

the skid marks dont look too convincing to me, but ohwell



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Looks killer, but still there is something which makes car #16 looks uncool. But maybe this is shadows fault or it's only me who don't likes it :) Anyway it looks uber, I'm sure you will get first place in this contest :D

Good work.
It looks very good! But well since it is that good, i'm here to nitpick:)

First of all, in the new render the motion blur on the wheels is to few. It looks like the cars are standing almost still atm, wich look odd.

Further the blue 43 car has a strange direction, pointed inwards the wall. Maybe it is heading to that wall but it looks inda weird to me.

Looking at teh shadow of teh yellow number 30 car, the right rear wheel is a bit floating.

And last but not least, by putting so much blur on the slipping car, it looks out of place in the scene. Or let all the cars have at least a bit motion blur, atm it looks like you've cut the 46 car out of another picture and pasted it into this one. It just don't fit the other cars.

Keep it up, like i said it's only nitpicking;)

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next one

@janusz: yeah, it does look a bit odd...probably the floating look from the alpha maps...and its the 18 car :p

@Erik_S: the 43 car is supposed to be rubbing the wall, i had sparks, but the alpha maps are being a tad annoying...its also the reason for the floating look, the alpha maps dont fill in the shadows properly (they dont seem to register GI as accurate as you need)...and yeah, i think ill reduce the blur on the 46 car a bit too

@shipilnator: i said it first, so it doesnt count :p

oh, and mmm, are you happy now? :uhh:


Well you definitly can model and render, but design wise, those latest shots dont work, too much empty space or bad angle that doesnt compliment your work. Your best shots are these two right here

I like these shots but what i suggest is to do a shot like these, I really love that exxon car MORE than the Hardees car. So take the Exxon car and Chevrolet City car and Pull back a bit, and more to the side, so we can see more side-car detail, but also good amounts of the front as well. Then for background put Rusty, and another car and one more (but cut off) That for me would be the perfect shot :)

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@advan: i will...when the 2009 paint schemes start to appear xD (ive upgraded the GTR bodykit to the 2009 spec one, despite saying i wouldnt bother with it yet :p)

@IK84: well i was still going to do that shot aswell, but then i got the urgent job :|...also, i just wanted to do some angles that werent the "race cars following a camera car" angle, and with nascars that only really leaves one other kind of shot which is the "distant spectator" angle...and i simply chose some shots from the movie that looked good to me, seeing as thats what i was trying to recreate

but yeah, it doesnt matter how much i want to change now, there isnt any time :p thanks for the input in any case :)

...and i might do some more renders of Rusty later because i have an itch to make another poster


You have an impressive set of final renders for your entry. Great job, you really achieved a brilliant project.

Good luck for the contest !

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thanks guys

@IK84: dont worry, itll SuperGT cars wont be appearing for a while ;)

these two arent for the contest, this is just to make multimediaman happy (i have no idea why id want to do that, but anyway...:p)