LCA Contest: Days Of Thunder Chevrolet Luminas

dang that's hot as hell
come on, show us a pic of your viewport to see how u get that astonishing studio
i won't tell nobody i promise
thanks in advance if u decide to let us see some "behind the scenes"

The IC

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well...i just got given an urgent thats going to make things a bit hectic for me

anyhow, heres a test composite...ive done some changes since this one (the smoke is botched in this one, and the sparks are casting shadows :p...might need some driver arms for this particular camera angle too), but that was still rendering while i did this one


I'm out of interesting comments, I'm just speech-less because of the rare quality of your work. Maybe the best integration of a moving car within a scene I've ever seen.

I guess you'll deserve victory !
:eek: Damn i am a few days away and i miss the best renders evah! Good work on this, i really love them!! Good luck with your urgent job, but dont'forget this, it's tooooo nice!
I know Cole, he takes the outside....... He's gone down the inside!

Days of Thunder was on lastnight, I hadn't seen it in ages, and its made me even more impressed by the fantastic work your doing!


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lol I all ways need to add some thing :p first I want to say your render is great just amazing,
but I love details :p

try adding some blur on car shadows but just a litle ;)


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Amazing man, really amazing. With your skills , you could remade this movie in full 3d animation and it would look even more realistic than original.

Stunning work.

The IC

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thanks for the great comments again :)

the urgent jobs been stalled cos the client is on holdays, so ive got some time back

second angle...i havent got this one right at the moment...the 51 car just looks weird, although right now i havent decided what would fix it...also, i think i made it too contrasty compared to the first angle...another thing i forgot is that the track should have less motion blur at the rear of the yeah, a few things to fix on this one

@greenvampire: yep, thats the exact scene :D

@OldDog & Jomar: i dunno...its meant to be under direct sunlight, so they should be pretty sharp...although in this second render, they do look kind of weird, so ill have a little play around

@januz, tom & nosh_dir85: alright...but you have to buy me a render farm aswell :p


Damn, that is amazing. Just perfect. I just started 5 minutes at the 51 car trying to discover what doesn't look right.. but well couldn't find it! Wondering what you could do to make it better