LCA Contest: Days Of Thunder Chevrolet Luminas

Looking great! Needs an interior, bg, motion blur on the wheels and either the cars or the ground to make it look totally real...but this is a definite contender to win!

The IC

uses too many smileys
roughed out the third scene...not sure if i want to do one more, or just polish off the ones ive already done, since ive included one of each car already...i was thinking of doing a finish line shot, but there werent any that would look good as a still render...

@ mmm & schaefft: no :p

@everyone who pointed out random things: well i *did* say in the post that they were rough and id address those things once id finished blocking them out! :uhh: lol



You're obviously the #1 favorite for winning the contest. That said, don't take rest, keep improving your work, I guess you'll reach new horizons !!!
LOL you got Rusty Wallace's car in there (when I was into nascar oh so long ago, he was my favorite Driver) I think your yellow should be gold though :)

# 27 Rusty Wallace Miller Genuine Draft Grand Prix!!! This car ran at the Bristol Motor Speedway in 1990. Raymond Beadle of the Blue Max Racing funny car drag race team owned this car. This racecar was also used in the movie "Days of Thunder" as a camera car with Rusty Wallace as the driver. The year 1990 was the very first year that Miller Brewery and Rusty had a sponsorship agreement together. The car was autographed by Wallace in 1995 when he visited the "All American Race Museum" in Gaylord Michigan. This car was also used in the induction ceremony in Daytona in 2006 when Wallace was inducted into the Hall Of Fame.


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everyone knows you have amazing renders only thing i can notice are the wheels, try rotating them a litle make it more realistic, I never sow a car whit symmetrical rotation of wheels ;)

hope u understand my bad English xD