LCA Contest: Days Of Thunder Chevrolet Luminas

Aw man that wear and tear on there looks fantastic! cant wait to see more...

Can I ask what is your resolution on those texture maps? I want mine as clear as those...they look great!

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MOAR dirt :uhh:...and paint scratches too...probably need more down the sides...also, i know real nascars dont get nearly this dirty or scratched, but they do in the movies :p

@IK84: done...possibly overdone in fact :p

@rcat: ill keep that in mind for the studio shots with them all clean :)

@nosh_dir85: theyre big...quite big...the lengthways dimension is 4096 pixels



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Jeez I'm doomed o_O
Only one thing which hurts my eyes is exhaust pipe material. Dunno maybe it's properly made but it doesn't looks so nice like rest of materials.
Great work
that looks HOT!

Just one question, what are your system specs? Cause when i use large textures it takes loads of memory, and i already have to few:S it's a real problem getting overhere.

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just started roughing up the first shot i wanted to recreate from the movie (theres about 6 or 7 i plan on doing)

@Rsenal: i didnt make the truck, its just a photo :p

@Erik_S: i have 12gb of ram...if youre running out of memory, you can bump up the dynamic memory limit in the settings tab for vray, and also set the default geometry dropdown to dynamic...also, you can turn off texture filtering on any bitmaps in their settings (although you need filtering for detail tiling maps like grass, gravel etc.)


12 gigs :S
i assume u have a 64bit version of max even with that does it really use all 12 ?
cuz 32bit max didn't use more than 4 Gigs

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just roughing out the second movie scene...ill do a couple more, then ill fill in the details like rubber marks n dirt on the track, smears on the walls, motion blur, driver silhouettes etc.


........ WOW... that is just insanely amazing. I mean that looks just like the scenes from the movies, in fact not much gives away the fact this is a 3d model. Got to be your best renders yet, (and this is still tweak phase for you!)
DORIFUTO!!!! IMO the rear tire on #18 car looks odd. Also, the damage on both cars look similar. Plus the damage on the red car looks symmetrical.