LCA Contest: Audi RSQ


Please don't change your 1st post at each update. It will make the thread unusable for future reading.

What you should do, is only change the first picture of your thread to update the thumbnail in thread list. So please post first and second pictures in 1st thread, but second picture first to have it used as thumb. Got me ? ;)

Btw, nice update and nice car choice. Really interesting to look at this car with yet-to-come-at-this-time R8 in mind.
Thanks for comments,
The hole is supposed to be there, iw ill check the position later.
Some update on the projekt, i'm not really happy with the door, maybe i'll rebuild this one later.



Nice to see new entree's this far into the game. The car looks very nice so far.

Funny thing I always thought was a little too clever on the movies part... the verticle parking garage system, where you get out and a lift grabs it and stores it. I mean soo many things could go wrong with that system. Ie like leaving loose items like I dont know... some electronic equipment, or even food and drinks.. yeah thats going to be a great mess to get back into. Heaven forbid someone's Mother or grandmother decides she doesnt want to go into the store and will "wait" in the car " WHAAAAA!!" (sorry had to get that off my chest)


aka chosenlv
Car looks great. One of the best Audi for me. I mean the design of car :) Great Car from Great Movie and also book is great too (Isaak Asimov).
That's looking nice and very good progress. The only thing that botters me is that because of the speed of your modelling some area's still look a bit rough. Especially the corneres of panels could use some refinements. If you just tweak the car overall you have one amazing model!