LCA Contest: American Graffiti Ford 32' Deuce Coupe


aka chosenlv
Big thanx guys for c&c :)

ibeam I don't know how big cowl must be, because I don't have good enough refs of top
In this render I think it's ok :)

Next there will be a frame, now I have good prints and refs (thanx to ibeam). And I'm ready to model it.

And new renders ;)


my point isn't the width. it's that it looks like yours curves in at the bottom all the way. that isn't how it's supposed to be. where it meets the side panel of the hood, the cowl is totally vertical.



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amazing work man . i didn't watched your work earlyer , im not in that hot-road cars , but this is great:)
Keep up the good work ;)

Love the deatails :D
Details are great so far. No criticism here. You know Ive actually never even seen this movie, I guess I may have avoided it who knows. But anyhow the car looks really well done so far.