LCA Contest: '58 Plymouth from 'Christine'

Thanks man. Yeah you're right , the seat textures are horrible. Thought it might be ok , but obviously not. Suppose thats why we post progress shots eh? Back to work.
Yeah I dont know. Im thinking the seats look fine too. It might be just the jpeg compression thats bringing out that motely look. Or maybe just up the render settings a bit?? The whole thing looks great to me. Well done!
Thanks for the encouragement guys , much appreciated. I think the jpeg compression doesnt help, and it is very low render settings, so I'll carry on and if time allows I'll see if I can do better.
Glass to be finished , then some chrome dashboard details and dials to finish the interior off.
Amazing work, this car is quiet impressive, as far as scenery.. if you get the time and chance, their are a multitude of scenes you could recreate... however you could also still get away with not having an interior, and just really really dark windows, since thats what the car had in evil mode, most of the time.


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wow dude very cool materials and great modeling, car paint is just perfect, can't be better ;)
Hope to see updates and may be some scene ;)
Thanks guys , I am so eager to get on and do the front grille and wheels. But I'm really forcing myself to finish it properly from the back to the front.

You know , I haven't seen the film for ages so I'm not sure what would make a good scene.
I remember a guy being chased down an alley , maybe that would work. Or the warehouse/garage building
where it regenerated. All depends on time left but I'm open to suggestions.
Great Work!

This is very impressive work since if I remember correctly you didn't even have a decent blueprint to work with. Would you be kind enough to help out a noobie like myself when you are finished and post all views so that we may use them as blueprints? Keep up the good work, I'm always waiting to see more.

Thanks. I did the side styling last night , (the chrome and patterned parts running along the length of the car) , doesn't look too bad but I might ask for help on the texture later.
Latest update. Back end almost finished. Just something on the bumper I've missed and the license plate.

@joebogen - I'll gladly post whatever views you need , but I wouldn't consider this model anywhere near good enough to use as a basis for a blueprint.It's probably too wide anf flat for a start. But if I can help then thats no problem at all.


wow thats a very realistic looking render so far, it reminds me a lot of the garage scene where the kid kept the car. If this car was rendered on such a garage and ad some wheels then this could easily trick me for real if done right.