LCA Contest: '58 Plymouth from 'Christine'


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I can't say anything about accuracy 'cause I don't know car or either movie. But model looks promising. If you can, please attach bigger render :) It should help in judging your work.
Thanks , will try for you. I got a solidrocks demo for fast (but small) render previews. Usually I have to convert a lot to vray proxies for final rendering because of my machine.
that is looking nice, but the next time can you also post some clays? it's easier to see the shape and check for modelling errors! For now i have no crits, keep it up
@nosh - its 3dstudio with vray
@johnas - thankyou - lots of fixes on the front of the dash to do, but its going well I think.

Cant wait to get the headlights and chrome started - then she'll start to come alive.


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U know she is coming :) very nice i like the interior ,

are u going to leave it like shadow or do some detailed interior?

Keep us Updated ;) ( don't be like me xD)
Thanks mate. Interior will not be really high details , just enough to look convincing I hope.
Want to leave a lot more time than usual for rendering as it always lets me down.


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good idea i am bad at rendering too that is why my model is almost finished , and then rendering , i allways have prob. whit that stupid lights :/ to dark to light i cant get it right xD

well good luck. cant wait to see some final renders ;)


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o baby that some serious update :eek:

i think , (not sure) seats are little strange i mean textures-color?
or its pore quality picture? every thing else looks just perfect :D